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The Passion of Planet

 PASSION and performance, it’s what Planet Homes stands for.

Those attributes come standard for the Sunshine Coast custom-build specialists.

Yet what managing director Jason Bowker wants most is to achieve a creation that clearly reflects the character of their clients.

That can be seen in Planet’s latest display home, at 9 Sydney St, Pelican Waters.

Not only does the single-level home attract enthusiastic responses from just about everyone that steps inside but it has also won the applause of the building industry by being named not just HIA Sunshine Coast Display Home of the Year but winning the 2017 Queensland-wide award.


 “Over the past six years we have kicked huge goals,’’ Mr Bowker said. “We have been the recipient of more than 17 awards for both HIA building awards and BDAQ design awards within that time.

 “But without doubt our most proud moments have come when we are judged against our peers at local, state and national levels.

“Winning the Best Display Home on the Sunshine Coast was a proud moment for us but it was even more rewarding to be judged HIA Queensland award winner in November.

 “We had an inkling that we had nailed it this year, due to the huge public response since we opened the house.

“We are constantly amazed at the volume of people coming to look at this home and have received many, many thrilling remarks form people.

 “They get to the gate and their eyes pop out of their heads, they just keep coming back to look again and again at the house.’’


 Planet has had comments such as: “You could build this house anywhere, the beaches of Sydney, the suburbs of Melbourne or on an acreage block, or waterfront.’’

“Wow, amazing, it’s about time someone is thinking outside the square.’’

 “I can see that you have gone to incredible lengths and great thought has gone into every detail of the home.’’

What stands out about the Sydney Street home is the innovation that starts at the entry boardwalk, made from recycled material. Yet the stepped decking also provides a sense of intrigue as to what’s inside.

What the single-level house does is surprise, especially with giving the impression it contains a lot of volume.



Everywhere you look there’s a sense of the application of considered design. Spaces can open and close. You feel that the outside is in, the inside out.

Blending of spaces, step ‘outside’ into the pool pavilion and you’d think you’re still within the home.

Not massive in square metres, yet the feel created by open plan living, high ceilings, strategic window placement and co-ordinated decor provide the sense of spaciousness.

There’s no exposed glass to the west, but the northern glass soaks up the winter sun. Passive solar at its best.

Then there is the blend of products used – stone and wood, glass and steel, commercial-grade doors, high-level glazing.



“We are always so busy, creating, trying new ideas, using tried and tested ideas for that matter,’’ Mr Bowker said. “Building, cost managing, studying, talking, analysing, creating and loving every step of the way.

“We are a creative, vibrant and enthusiastic little team and pride ourselves on standing out because of our designs, our service and our ability to deliver outstanding homes.

 “We stand apart when it comes to what we strive to achieve.

“For me, its much more than just the creation of a home from a written brief, a sketch or a photograph. It’s about looking at a client when we have finished the house and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that its their home.’’


 At the Pelican Waters display what stands out is the self-contained wing of bedroom, ensuite and kitchenette. It’s a real bonus and a move towards client needs in Australia today … flexibility of use.

The kitchen and living is central to the home and includes a massive fireplace, outdoor kitchen and pool area.

A butlers pantry is at one end of the kitchen and scullery at the other. Invisible walls create an internal garden.



Polished concrete floors mean easy cleaning and there are no hinged shower doors. It’s stylish, not sterile.

“Delivery of a home isn’t easy and many people shy away from decision-making or find it overwhelming,’’ Mr Bowker said.

That is why it is essential to provide all the information for clients to make the most informed decisions.


At concept, Planet initially focus on designs that work within the environment in which they sit.

“It’s just common sense, where we constantly consider stuff like orientations, window placement and eave lengths.

“Through the design phases, we also provide cost management and a full quantity surveying service as standard. This gives us the ability to analyse each cost centre with our clients on a trade-by-trade basis, and ensure that the ideas that we started with get brought through to fruition.’’

Cost management starts with the first stroke of the pen and typically relates to three main items – size, complexity and fixtures.

“Without doubt the most complex homes typically take more thought, consideration, expertise and time and this is the main driving factor that we find affects the cost of a construction project,’’ Mr Bowker said.



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  1. Wow, thats a nice home.
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  2. leavearly says:

    Yes Athena … I get to see a lot of houses but this one came together nicely … thanks for your comment and appreciation of good design


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